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I had no idea you were good at Flash as well as music. You're awesome! 5/5, 10/10.

Good stuff

I like it. You're a great artist, and the animation was good to look at. Make some more stuff! :D

Creatus responds:

You're rad.

Pretty good

Nice, but I think it was a bit too short. Still good though.

CatsomStudios responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

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I like the game, and many thanks for using my song :D

Pretty good

I can see this being helpful to beginners. The only thing I can think needs improvement is the length. Of course, that's not a problem with the current version, I just think more could have been helpful. like, since you included sections on sprites and tweens, why not FBF? It's not very hard, you just need patience, and I'm sure beginners could figure it out with some help.


It was ok, but some nicer backgrounds and more music tracks (audio portal?) would have been nice. And when you fail the first question, it returns to the menu and when you click GO the song starts again, but the currently playing one goes on. Fix this by adding a "Stop all Sounds" behavior to the button.

And no, I selected 30 years first.

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Aw man, this sounds like it has more emotion in it than I've ever put into any of my music. You should keep it up, this is awesome :)

Whoa, great work man! Why haven't I checked out your page before?

Burn7 responds:

That's a really good question :P Haha <3

I actually just barely checked out a few of your songs yesterday, was actually pretty nostalgic for me :D

Whoa, two drum and bass songs submitted next to each other both containing the word "artificial". Cool sounds, easy to listen to.

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oh my

you're a wizard, arry

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