Newgrounds broke

2010-06-08 22:39:12 by culmor30

Newgrounds isn't letting me post anything, but I have this new song that you can listen to at my FA instead: 6/


2009-07-04 18:16:41 by culmor30

I dunno how much I'll actually be posting here anymore. Probably only bigger projects. If you care enough, go to my FA page:

I post stuff there a lot more.

And I'm sorry if you're terrified of furries.

Old Audio...

2009-05-28 01:30:50 by culmor30

I'm trying to erase all that ancient garbage I posted here forever ago... there's so much... it's all sooo bad....

Anyway, my point is that I no longer have the project files or the mp3s, so if you want any of that trash, go download it now. I'll probably erase everything up to late 2008.

D: :D

2008-04-25 02:30:45 by culmor30

Aite, I found those sample CDs that came with ACID 6 in my basement, so now I can use them for awesome stuff. :D

Just wait a couple days. Gotta fit 6gb of stuff onto a lappy that has 2gb left. It'll be fun.